New Chi Ionic Ion Detox Foot Bath Aqua Spa Cleanse Machine Review

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the New Chi Ionic Ion Detox Foot Bath Aqua Spa Cleanse Machine:


Two words: manual and warranty. First, the product has no warranty. Who in this day and age does not give out a warranty? Not even a one-year warranty? No? Not even one month?

Oh, well. At this ionic foot bath’s price of just $150, maybe we could get ourselves a new one every year.

Of course, to be perfectly honest, we can’t really be absolutely, definitely, categorically sure that the product has no warranty. That is just a presumption we made from not finding any warranty information in the product literature—the one that we could hardly decipher.

Which brings us to our second issue with this product: the manual.

Dear product manufacturers, in case nobody has ever told you before, the user manual is meant to enlighten the user on how to operate the unit. It is not supposed to leave him more baffled than before he read it.

We think at this point, it is pretty safe to say this ionic foot bath was not made in the United States. Because if this product manual had been written by our own dear countrymen, then our educational system must be in a far worse state than we ever suspected.

Fortunately—and perhaps, thanks to our educational system—the manual can, in fact, be deciphered after about three readings. And, let’s be honest, a lot of us never really bother to read the manual anyway. We have this gift for knowing exactly where to plug things and how to play them. Hurrah for our educational system!

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Cons of the New Chi Ionic Ion Detox Foot Bath Aqua Spa Cleanse Machine:

  • No warranty. (At its price, you could buy this unit brand new every year for six years.)
  • The wrist band could get itchy. (Just move it around when it does. Or transfer to the other wrist.)
  • You have to be very careful and slow in adding the salt to be able to put in the precise amount necessary. (Putting it in by half pinches does the trick.)
  • Does not come with its own foot tub. (So you are free to choose your favorite color when you get your own tub at the local supermarket!)
  • The user manual—is that English?! (Based on the other reviews, though, everybody’s been able to figure it out eventually.)

Pros of the New Chi Ionic Ion Detox Foot Bath Aqua Spa Cleanse Machine:

  • Once you figure out the manual, it works perfectly. (If you figure out the manual, you can be sure, for one, that your brain is still working perfectly.)
  • Comes with 2 arrays. (A spare—kinda makes up for the lack of warranty, we think.)
  • Comes with a sturdy, easy-to-carry metal case. (Carry it to your in-laws and give them another reason to love you.)
  • Did we mention that it only costs $150?

Recommendation and Results

If this is your first time to buy an ionic foot bath, we at Ionic Foot Bath Reviews highly recommend that you start with this one. Why? First, because it is so cheap. While other models can easily cost up to $900, this one can be had for $150. If you find that it does nothing for you, why, then you can chuck it out much more painlessly at $150 than if you had paid $900 for it.

But we are confident you won’t be chucking it out. A lot of its users, in fact raved about it. One gentleman says he lost his foot pain, liver spots, and, to top it all off, his feet are pink and healthy-looking! See his story here.

Another man felt so good after using the New Chi Ionic Ion Detox Foot Bath Aqua Spa Cleanse Machine that he decided to use it three days in a row instead of the recommended twice a week. Of course, he soon found out that too much of a good thing can be bad—but still, a good thing is a good thing. He eventually decided to follow the manual—we guess it wasn’t so bad after all—and stick to using the device just twice a week. See his story here.

And this person even claims he lost weight using the New Chi Ionic Ion Detox Foot Bath Aqua Spa Cleanse Machine. He even has a scientific theory on why and how that happened. Read his theory here.

Really, the biggest issue everyone has about this product is its less than satisfactory manual. And yet, once they figure out how to use the device, they are happy with it. See their stories here, here, and here.

So for $150, and considering that a similar spa treatment costs about $30 to $60, we at Ionic Foot Bath Reviews think this is a much better product than its price would lead you to suspect. Definitely highly recommended.

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Detoxifying Foot Spa / Foot Bath Review

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Detoxifying Foot Spa Foot Bath Pic

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the Detoxifying Foot Spa / Foot Bath:

For one, that carrying case could look sturdier.

Well, to be fair, we haven’t really carried it around long enough to know exactly how long it would last before it tears or something. But from our experience with plastic carrying cases, we’re managing our expectations.

No, in fact, we’re almost looking forward to it tearing. Then we could get a more stylish bag to replace it with!

Next, the sea salt. Does it really have to be sea salt? It would be nice if there were some explanation why we couldn’t use cheap table salt instead of its ridiculously overpriced counterpart. Will it, uh, make our feet taste better?

If we were the type to appreciate overpriced stuff, do you think we would have considered a $120 ionic foot bath in the first place?

Thank goodness they’ve made the sea salt so accessible and the product so cheap, it practically cancels out the extra cost of the sea salt.

And finally, there are the liners and arrays, which inflate the cost of the product because they need to be replaced. We must admit, we have not yet seen any ionic foot bath whose arrays do not need to be replaced. But that doesn’t stop us from wishing there were such a thing. Wouldn’t you?

As for the liners—all right, we guess it would not be a good thing if they were washable.

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Cons of the Detoxifying Foot Spa / Foot Bath:

  • The array lasts for only 20 sessions. (However, it is a fact that arrays do wear out; hence, the available replacements.)
  • It requires special salt, i.e. sea salt, to use. (The salt comes with the starter package and is available in the refill kit as well.)
  • The liners run out as well and will need to be replenished. (Still better than cleaning out an icky tub.)
  • The plastic carrying case doesn’t look like it will last very long. (What a great excuse to get one of those large-but-stylish totes!)

Pros of the Detoxifying Foot Spa / Foot Bath:

  • Comes with sea salt supply. No need to hunt around town for it.
  • Refill kit (sea salt, liners, array) also available. Sold separately.
  • Disposable footbath liners included. (Cleaning up is as simple as draining out the water and tossing the liner into the trash bin.)
  • Features a lighted-display timer control unit. (Use it in a dimly lit room, put out the scented candles, and imagine you’re getting one of those $60 treatments!)
  • The plastic carrying bag comes in a very nice hygienic-looking mint-green color. (It may not be very sturdy, but it sure looks nice while it lasts!)
  • At just around $120, it’s one of the cheapest brands available. (Oh, admit it, they had us right there, at $120.)

Recommendation and Results

Surprisingly, for such a cheap product, the reviews are good.

A common criticism of ionic foot baths is that the water turns brown whether or not your foot is in it. This the case in point presented by one user, who had tried this popular experiment and came up with the common result: no feet in the tub, water still turned brown. Read about the experiment here.

But one user testifies that when her son’s foot were in the Detoxifying Foot Spa / Foot Bath, the water did not turn brown but, instead, had red flecks in it. (Really, only ionic foot bath users could speak with so much pleasure over such things.)

She also said that according to the chart that comes with the product, red flecks meant inflammatory bowel disease, and that’s exactly what her son had. Impressive! (The red flecks, not the inflammatory bowel disease.) Read her story here.

Another user says her joint pain, stiffness, and edema conditions improved after using this product. What’s more, she found it an easy product to use, and easy to clean. How we wish we could say the same thing about our coffee maker!

To read her story, click here.

So it’s easy to use, it seems to work, and it’s one of the lowest priced brands in the market today. The big question is, do we at Ionic Foot Bath Reviews recommend it?

Frankly, we can’t see a reason not to. Highly recommended.

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NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine Review

Overall Rating44444

NewCell Original Ion Foot Detox Machine

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine:

Because we’re so used to seeing $150 ionic foot spas, we were rather taken aback at the $800+ price tag.

Hmm, maybe it was made in the USA. We looked and saw that, yes, the microprocessor is US made—but upon further research, we found that the rest of the unit was assembled in China.

So apparently, it could have been even more expensive, and we should be thanking our lucky stars after all.

Since the microprocessor is the heart of the unit, and also because the unit has a two-year warranty, the fact that it was China assembled should not bother us too much.

The trouble, though, with products assembled in China is the quality of, not the unit, but the manual. One of the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine’s users, for instance, was happy with the product, but he wished there were more explanation as to what the settings 1 to 5 meant. See the full review here.

If you end up in the same boat as that user, feel free to fiddle around with the settings. Experiment and discover. After all, admit it or not, that’s primarily what warranties are for!

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Cons of the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine:

  • Expensive. Costs more than $800. (That’s what happens when they come with a warranty and a US-made microprocessor.)
  • Only 19 volts. (24 volts is ideal, but the minimum is 14.)
  • Incomplete explanation of different operating modes. (Don’t be afraid to fiddle with the controls. It comes with a warranty, remember?)

Pros of the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine:

  • US-made microprocessors. Built to last—that’s why we love our own.
  • Session tracking feature. You can tell your friends exactly how many sessions it took before your arthritis or liver spots or whatever else was ailing you improved.
  • Complete with tub and liner bags. Use it and never have to wash it. Don’t you wish we had cars like that?
  • Comes with 2 black arrays. Try soaking white arrays in murky water, and you’ll see what’s so good about the black ones.
  • 2-year warranty. And if it does get broken, the repairs and replacements are just from Colorado, not from the other side of the globe.
  • Safety CE and UI certified—good features to have when you consider that you’re putting your bare feet in a tub of water with a 19-volt electrical device.

Recommendation and Results

We must admit, it was hard for us at Ionic Foot Bath Reviews not to like the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine right at the onset. This brand has had a continuously good track record since 2005, giving it a better career history than Miley Cyrus. We know it works.

We also like the fact that its main processor chip is US made. We’ve had horror stories of foreign-made ionic foot spas that worked only six times, or were broken right from the start. And they had no warranties, so buying them in the first place was very much like going out for a jog in a Cambodian field—you never know when you’ll end up on a land mine!

This is not an issue with the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine. If it does break, we can rely on its two-year warranty. And the replacement comes from Colorado, so you the shipping costs are much less than if it came from—well, let’s say from somewhere much farther.

What about its $800+ price tag? That one’s a bummer.

But for some of us, the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’re getting a product that works, and works safely, and will keep working for at least two years, and that we won’t have to deal with replacements that never come and rude customer service that often come with $150 units—for some of us, that’s well worth the extra cost.

So if you’re one of those people who want a good, effective product that comes with a warranty and safety certifications at a reasonable price, then we at Ionic Foot Bath Reviews would recommend the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine to you.

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NewCell Elite Ion Detox Review

Overall Rating44444

NewCell Elite Ion Detox / Ionic Foot Bath Machine

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the NewCell Elite Ion Detox:

For an ionic foot spa that costs more than $400 dollars, you would think they could have packaged themselves better, right?

But no. When we saw the carrying case, our hearts sank. It looked just like the case of that ionic foot spa we’ve seen that was broken even before we could use it.

Our first thought was, “Oh dear—it’s the evil twin sister.”

But we were wrong. The first one we saw was the evil twin sister. This other one was the angelic counterpart. This was a working unit, and it worked perfectly. Perhaps, the US-made motherboard and two-year warranty had something to do with it.

Two more things that the manufacturers could have done better on, though: the plastic tub and the wrist strap.

Truth be told, this is about the cheapest-looking ionic foot spa tub we have ever seen. You could probably get better-looking ones from a neighbor’s garage sale. (So we probably will, thank you!)

Perhaps the manufacturers reasoned, why should they charge us more to give us a better-looking plastic tub when we’re going to be filling it with disgusting murky water anyway? Good point, don’t you agree?

As for that ubiquitous wrist strap—have you ever wondered what these wrist straps are for? They are not therapeutic. They don’t massage your wrist or detoxify through your arms.

No, the wrist straps are there to ground the body because the unit itself is not grounded.

Personally, these wrist straps make us feel like we’re a sort of lightning rod. Our only comfort is the knowledge that no matter how many times lightning hits a lightning rod, the rod is not damaged.

There is also the thought that while most ionic foot spas employ the use of these wristbands, the worst people could say is that they felt no change in their bodies.

In fact, a lot of people that have used ionic foot spas, albeit with wrist straps, say they felt better (though we’re pretty sure it not because of the wrist straps).

So it is safe to infer that the wristbands do no harm—even if they are a bit itchy.

Cons of the NewCell Elite Ion Detox:

  • Rather cheap-looking plastic tub (Fortunately, it comes with a good working machine.)
  • Wrist straps. (They’re like bad habits—practically everyone has them, but that still doesn’t make them likeable.)
  • Case identical to that of cheaper models. (Like the proverbial cover by which a book—or an ionic foot spa—should not be judged.

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Pros of the NewCell Elite Ion Detox

  • US-made motherboards.
  • Comes with two stainless steel arrays.
  • Includes infrared heat belt. Use it yourself, or let your mate use it to keep them from bugging you with “Is it my turn yet?” while you’re soaking on the spa.
  • Also includes muscle stimulation pads. Another good bribery tool to keep that impatient mate quiet.
  • Easy-to-read display.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Good customer service. (Need we say more?)

Recommendation and Results

First things first: does it work? Yes, it does. One user, who has used more expensive ionic foot spas in the past—$2000, to be exact—claims the NewCell Elite Ion Detox is as good as any of them. Impressive? We think so. See her story here.

Another user raved not so much about how well it works but how good the customer service was. The first time he received the machine, it had shipment damages, but he was happy to receive a new one that “works perfectly” and has continued to do so “for some time now.” See his complete story here.

And its price? While it is not as affordable as the $150 models, we can certainly understand why. It has things you simply cannot get at $150: a US-made motherboard, a two-year warranty, and good customer service. To our mind, those things make it worth much more than the $450 dollars it’s being sold for.

Because of all these things—the fact that it works, it stays working for a good amount of time, and its completely reasonable price—Ionic Foot Spa Reviews does recommend the NewCell Elite Ion Detox.

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Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath Review

Overall Rating44444

Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home (Ionic Detox Foot Bath)

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath:

Being used to seeing ionic foot baths that were sold for a mere $150, we were in for some real blood-draining sticker shock when we saw the Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath’s price tag:

“One-thousand what??? No, you must have misheard us, miss. We are looking for an ionic foot bath, not a bionic foot.”

But, no, it really was $1,395 for the ionic foot bath.

We shouldn’t have been too surprised. On television, these things are sold for $2,000. But as we said, we were used to seeing $150 price tags . . .

Nevermind. At least it comes with that beautiful copper tub we see in the picture—right?

Er, no. “Copper tub . . . sold separately.”

“Ah, well,”  said the wolf as he walked away from the too-high bunch of grapes. “Those copper tubs are probably too heavy and hard to clean anyway.”

So this is what we’ll do: we’ll take that beautiful tub that came with that $150 unit that broke the second time we used it and did not come with a warranty. We’ll put the Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath’s arrays in it, and see what a difference a thousand bucks makes.

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Cons of the Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath:

  • No GFI certification (but the units are UL rated and CE approved. The wiring and connectors are CSA approved.)
  • Tub has to be bought separately. (Beautiful patina-resistant copper tub available separately; works well with plastic tubs too, though.)
  • Array parts not replaceable. (The perfect excuse to skip the tedious task of disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling the array.)
  • The price!

Pros of the Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath:

  • No wrist strap needed; the unit is grounded internally. (Finally, an ionic foot bath company that realizes your arm is not a lightning rod!)
  • The amperage is controlled by a knob in the machine, not by the amount of salt in the water. (You can’t appreciate this fully until you’ve had to put in half pinches of salt in the water a dozen times just to find the right amount to make the device work.)
  • Has a circuit that turns itself off when it detects too much current, plus a mechanism that that shuts the machine down if a fuse blows.
  • Array good for 60 uses.
  • Clear, detailed user guide. (Our internal idiot protests, “Can we skip the amps, hz, and ORPs? We just want to know where to plug these thingies to work this gizmo.)
  • Good customer service and support. (Very useful if you really want to know what ORPs are.)
  • 3-year warranty and 14-day trial period.

Recommendation and Results

As far as performance goes, the Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath is one of the best we’ve seen:

We don’t need to add half pinches of salt a dozen times before we can get the exact, precise amount needed to make the device work. It gets rid of the wrist straps we hate so much.

What’s more, it comes with a very informative manual, good customer service, and a 14-day trial period to boot!

Another thing we like about the Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath is that its main distributor, Hymbas, has over ten years track record in providing quality health products to the public, and the supporting literature they provide on their products is one of the most extensive we’ve seen online.

Now, the only pebble in our shoe is that four-digit price. But from what we’ve seen in the Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath—and considering what we’ve also seen in most of its warranty-less $150 contemporaries—we think the price is pretty reasonable.

Therefore, we at Ionic Foot Bath Reviews recommend the Optimum Focus Es1500i Standard Home Ionic Detox Foot Bath.

We must note, though, that there are also some good $150 products that we have reviewed; so for people who want a cheaper albeit warranty-less product, we suggest you look around first too.

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