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What We DID NOT LIKE About the Detoxifying Foot Spa / Foot Bath:

For one, that carrying case could look sturdier.

Well, to be fair, we haven’t really carried it around long enough to know exactly how long it would last before it tears or something. But from our experience with plastic carrying cases, we’re managing our expectations.

No, in fact, we’re almost looking forward to it tearing. Then we could get a more stylish bag to replace it with!

Next, the sea salt. Does it really have to be sea salt? It would be nice if there were some explanation why we couldn’t use cheap table salt instead of its ridiculously overpriced counterpart. Will it, uh, make our feet taste better?

If we were the type to appreciate overpriced stuff, do you think we would have considered a $120 ionic foot bath in the first place?

Thank goodness they’ve made the sea salt so accessible and the product so cheap, it practically cancels out the extra cost of the sea salt.

And finally, there are the liners and arrays, which inflate the cost of the product because they need to be replaced. We must admit, we have not yet seen any ionic foot bath whose arrays do not need to be replaced. But that doesn’t stop us from wishing there were such a thing. Wouldn’t you?

As for the liners—all right, we guess it would not be a good thing if they were washable.

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Cons of the Detoxifying Foot Spa / Foot Bath:

  • The array lasts for only 20 sessions. (However, it is a fact that arrays do wear out; hence, the available replacements.)
  • It requires special salt, i.e. sea salt, to use. (The salt comes with the starter package and is available in the refill kit as well.)
  • The liners run out as well and will need to be replenished. (Still better than cleaning out an icky tub.)
  • The plastic carrying case doesn’t look like it will last very long. (What a great excuse to get one of those large-but-stylish totes!)

Pros of the Detoxifying Foot Spa / Foot Bath:

  • Comes with sea salt supply. No need to hunt around town for it.
  • Refill kit (sea salt, liners, array) also available. Sold separately.
  • Disposable footbath liners included. (Cleaning up is as simple as draining out the water and tossing the liner into the trash bin.)
  • Features a lighted-display timer control unit. (Use it in a dimly lit room, put out the scented candles, and imagine you’re getting one of those $60 treatments!)
  • The plastic carrying bag comes in a very nice hygienic-looking mint-green color. (It may not be very sturdy, but it sure looks nice while it lasts!)
  • At just around $120, it’s one of the cheapest brands available. (Oh, admit it, they had us right there, at $120.)

Recommendation and Results

Surprisingly, for such a cheap product, the reviews are good.

A common criticism of ionic foot baths is that the water turns brown whether or not your foot is in it. This the case in point presented by one user, who had tried this popular experiment and came up with the common result: no feet in the tub, water still turned brown. Read about the experiment here.

But one user testifies that when her son’s foot were in the Detoxifying Foot Spa / Foot Bath, the water did not turn brown but, instead, had red flecks in it. (Really, only ionic foot bath users could speak with so much pleasure over such things.)

She also said that according to the chart that comes with the product, red flecks meant inflammatory bowel disease, and that’s exactly what her son had. Impressive! (The red flecks, not the inflammatory bowel disease.) Read her story here.

Another user says her joint pain, stiffness, and edema conditions improved after using this product. What’s more, she found it an easy product to use, and easy to clean. How we wish we could say the same thing about our coffee maker!

To read her story, click here.

So it’s easy to use, it seems to work, and it’s one of the lowest priced brands in the market today. The big question is, do we at Ionic Foot Bath Reviews recommend it?

Frankly, we can’t see a reason not to. Highly recommended.

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We DO recommend this ionic foot bath.

–The Ionic Foot Bath Review Team

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