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Ionic Detox Foot Spa

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the Ionic Detox Foot Spa:

First, the arrays are white. (The description says black, but the picture says white, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, the picture wins by a landslide.)

So you may ask, what’s so bad about white arrays? Well, nothing—if you’re the type who thinks there’s nothing wrong about an unmade bed, since you can sleep in it just as well as in a made bed anyway. (Come to think of it, what is so bad about an unmade bed anyway?)

But if you’re the type who actually makes her bed every morning and folds her blankets instead of stuffing them under the pillows and actually flosses every day, you will never find peace with white arrays.

Because remember, the array is the part that goes under the water, which gets really yucky if your ionic foot spa is working right. And unlike the foot spa tub, the array has no liner.

So you can just imagine what color the Ionic Detox Foot Spa’s white arrays will be after you’ve used them a dozen times.

Fortunately, there are black arrays that can be bought separately. If the white arrays bother you so much, for your peace of mind, get the black ones.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story.

The fact is, you’d be lucky if you could use the Ionic Detox Foot Spa long enough for the white arrays to get discolored. Consumer reviews on this product indicate it breaks down after a little more than a month’s use. It did not even look or feel brand new when it was first received from the shipper.

If this happens to you, just keep telling yourself you bought this product at one-sixth the cost of other ionic foot spa brands, charge it to experience, and buy yourself a new one.

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Cons of the Ionic Detox Foot Spa:

  • White arrays discolor after several uses. (Get black arrays separately.)
  • The manual isn’t very well written. (But after close examination, you will be relieved to see that it is, indeed, in English.)
  • Breaks down rather quickly. (Like a pregnant woman on a bad hair day.)

Pros of the Ionic Detox Foot Spa:

  • Can be used by two people at the same time. (Like a candle burning at both ends. Maybe that’s why it does not last the night.)
  • Each array is good for up to 50 uses. (And the machine itself is good for about 20.)
  • Comes with an MP3 player. (It does have its good side, see?)
  • USB included, to let you upload your own music, in case you don’t like the pre-uploaded ones.
  • Also has two pairs of headphones. (And yes, these come in black—except the part that actually touches your ear canals. Well, maybe those, you would want to know if they’re not so clean, right?)
  • The price: $149.95. (That should have tipped you off right there.)

Recommendation and Results

When it comes to price, the Ionic Detox Foot Spa is wonderful. At $149.95, you would be hard-pressed to find anything cheaper in the market.

Effectiveness-wise, this is a good product as well. It does everything an ionic foot bath is expected to do: refresh, detoxify, cleanse, and make your feet look beautifully fresh and pink. This user assures us that she was happy with the detox results. Read her full comment here.

And the Ionic Detox Foot Spa gets brownie points for performance too. The built-in MP3 player was a stroke of genius. If they had thought to add dim lights and an aroma therapy lamp as well, it would have been the perfect spa experience.

However, all these positives tend to be canceled out by the fact that the product conks out before you can even say “Made in China.” In fact, one lady comments that while the product was shipped to her promptly, it conked out even more promptly. She was able to use it only once. Read her story here.

So would we at Ionic Foot Bath Reviews recommend this product? If it were about three hundred sixty five times sturdier, yes. But as it is, no—not by a long shot.

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One Customer Review of “Ionic Detox Foot Spa Review”

Review by admin, March 15, 2011

Overall Rating 11111
Price 55555
Effectiveness 33333
Performance 22222

We DO NOT recommend this ionic foot bath.

–The Ionic Foot Bath Review Team

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