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NewCell Elite Ion Detox / Ionic Foot Bath Machine

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the NewCell Elite Ion Detox:

For an ionic foot spa that costs more than $400 dollars, you would think they could have packaged themselves better, right?

But no. When we saw the carrying case, our hearts sank. It looked just like the case of that ionic foot spa we’ve seen that was broken even before we could use it.

Our first thought was, “Oh dear—it’s the evil twin sister.”

But we were wrong. The first one we saw was the evil twin sister. This other one was the angelic counterpart. This was a working unit, and it worked perfectly. Perhaps, the US-made motherboard and two-year warranty had something to do with it.

Two more things that the manufacturers could have done better on, though: the plastic tub and the wrist strap.

Truth be told, this is about the cheapest-looking ionic foot spa tub we have ever seen. You could probably get better-looking ones from a neighbor’s garage sale. (So we probably will, thank you!)

Perhaps the manufacturers reasoned, why should they charge us more to give us a better-looking plastic tub when we’re going to be filling it with disgusting murky water anyway? Good point, don’t you agree?

As for that ubiquitous wrist strap—have you ever wondered what these wrist straps are for? They are not therapeutic. They don’t massage your wrist or detoxify through your arms.

No, the wrist straps are there to ground the body because the unit itself is not grounded.

Personally, these wrist straps make us feel like we’re a sort of lightning rod. Our only comfort is the knowledge that no matter how many times lightning hits a lightning rod, the rod is not damaged.

There is also the thought that while most ionic foot spas employ the use of these wristbands, the worst people could say is that they felt no change in their bodies.

In fact, a lot of people that have used ionic foot spas, albeit with wrist straps, say they felt better (though we’re pretty sure it not because of the wrist straps).

So it is safe to infer that the wristbands do no harm—even if they are a bit itchy.

Cons of the NewCell Elite Ion Detox:

  • Rather cheap-looking plastic tub (Fortunately, it comes with a good working machine.)
  • Wrist straps. (They’re like bad habits—practically everyone has them, but that still doesn’t make them likeable.)
  • Case identical to that of cheaper models. (Like the proverbial cover by which a book—or an ionic foot spa—should not be judged.

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Pros of the NewCell Elite Ion Detox

  • US-made motherboards.
  • Comes with two stainless steel arrays.
  • Includes infrared heat belt. Use it yourself, or let your mate use it to keep them from bugging you with “Is it my turn yet?” while you’re soaking on the spa.
  • Also includes muscle stimulation pads. Another good bribery tool to keep that impatient mate quiet.
  • Easy-to-read display.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Good customer service. (Need we say more?)

Recommendation and Results

First things first: does it work? Yes, it does. One user, who has used more expensive ionic foot spas in the past—$2000, to be exact—claims the NewCell Elite Ion Detox is as good as any of them. Impressive? We think so. See her story here.

Another user raved not so much about how well it works but how good the customer service was. The first time he received the machine, it had shipment damages, but he was happy to receive a new one that “works perfectly” and has continued to do so “for some time now.” See his complete story here.

And its price? While it is not as affordable as the $150 models, we can certainly understand why. It has things you simply cannot get at $150: a US-made motherboard, a two-year warranty, and good customer service. To our mind, those things make it worth much more than the $450 dollars it’s being sold for.

Because of all these things—the fact that it works, it stays working for a good amount of time, and its completely reasonable price—Ionic Foot Spa Reviews does recommend the NewCell Elite Ion Detox.

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Review by admin, March 15, 2011

Overall Rating 44444
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Performance 44444

We DO NOT recommend this ionic foot bath.

–The Ionic Foot Bath Review Team

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