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NewCell Original Ion Foot Detox Machine

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What We DID NOT LIKE About the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine:

Because we’re so used to seeing $150 ionic foot spas, we were rather taken aback at the $800+ price tag.

Hmm, maybe it was made in the USA. We looked and saw that, yes, the microprocessor is US made—but upon further research, we found that the rest of the unit was assembled in China.

So apparently, it could have been even more expensive, and we should be thanking our lucky stars after all.

Since the microprocessor is the heart of the unit, and also because the unit has a two-year warranty, the fact that it was China assembled should not bother us too much.

The trouble, though, with products assembled in China is the quality of, not the unit, but the manual. One of the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine’s users, for instance, was happy with the product, but he wished there were more explanation as to what the settings 1 to 5 meant. See the full review here.

If you end up in the same boat as that user, feel free to fiddle around with the settings. Experiment and discover. After all, admit it or not, that’s primarily what warranties are for!

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Cons of the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine:

  • Expensive. Costs more than $800. (That’s what happens when they come with a warranty and a US-made microprocessor.)
  • Only 19 volts. (24 volts is ideal, but the minimum is 14.)
  • Incomplete explanation of different operating modes. (Don’t be afraid to fiddle with the controls. It comes with a warranty, remember?)

Pros of the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine:

  • US-made microprocessors. Built to last—that’s why we love our own.
  • Session tracking feature. You can tell your friends exactly how many sessions it took before your arthritis or liver spots or whatever else was ailing you improved.
  • Complete with tub and liner bags. Use it and never have to wash it. Don’t you wish we had cars like that?
  • Comes with 2 black arrays. Try soaking white arrays in murky water, and you’ll see what’s so good about the black ones.
  • 2-year warranty. And if it does get broken, the repairs and replacements are just from Colorado, not from the other side of the globe.
  • Safety CE and UI certified—good features to have when you consider that you’re putting your bare feet in a tub of water with a 19-volt electrical device.

Recommendation and Results

We must admit, it was hard for us at Ionic Foot Bath Reviews not to like the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine right at the onset. This brand has had a continuously good track record since 2005, giving it a better career history than Miley Cyrus. We know it works.

We also like the fact that its main processor chip is US made. We’ve had horror stories of foreign-made ionic foot spas that worked only six times, or were broken right from the start. And they had no warranties, so buying them in the first place was very much like going out for a jog in a Cambodian field—you never know when you’ll end up on a land mine!

This is not an issue with the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine. If it does break, we can rely on its two-year warranty. And the replacement comes from Colorado, so you the shipping costs are much less than if it came from—well, let’s say from somewhere much farther.

What about its $800+ price tag? That one’s a bummer.

But for some of us, the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’re getting a product that works, and works safely, and will keep working for at least two years, and that we won’t have to deal with replacements that never come and rude customer service that often come with $150 units—for some of us, that’s well worth the extra cost.

So if you’re one of those people who want a good, effective product that comes with a warranty and safety certifications at a reasonable price, then we at Ionic Foot Bath Reviews would recommend the NewCell Ion Foot Detox Machine to you.

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We DO recommend this ionic foot bath.

–The Ionic Foot Bath Review Team

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